Monday, August 4, 2014

Right to Farm Part 6: The Big Take Away

As you prepare to cast your vote tomorrow, please consider all the facts instead of all the hype. Below are links to resources that will allow you to make an educated decision. In this final video, you'll obviously see where I stand but I want you to think for yourself and make up your own mind.

Part 1: Does Amendment 1 Protect Corporations or Farmers?
Part 2: Is a Constitutional Amendment Necessary?
Part 3: Is Right to Farm a 'Blank Check?'
Part 4: Does Right to Farm Hurt Small Farmers?
Part 5: Who Supports Right to Farm?

In the final Right to Farm video with Brent Haden, you'll hear his big take away and I couldn't agree more.

If you don't know, read the amendment for yourself, get educated and make your own choice. Check our Missouri Farmers Care to see who supports this amendment and visit Vote No on 1 to see who opposes it. I believe those who support and oppose this amendment speaks for itself. It is clear that Missouri farmers support Right to Farm and who better to decide what happens in Missouri than Missourians!

BIG THANK YOU to Brent Haden for taking the time to talk to me and be part of my little piece of the Interweb.