Thursday, August 25, 2011

Factory Farming Exsposed

Learn the truth about animal handling practices in factory farms!
You'll be shocked by what you see!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Rule in Child Labor Laws Butts In on Ag Family Affairs

Once again government officials step in to help us poor dumb farm folk that just don't know no better.
Apparently, farmers are now no longer capable of deciding what our children can and cannot do on the farm. According to the proposed new rule, which updates current child labor laws, it would restrict minors working no the farm.

 This scene could soon be illegal.

As could this scene...

Depending on what the rule states as a "safe environment" and if the ruling passes kids and teens may not be able to work on the farm at all.

Just another way that the government and city officials are stepping in and stepping on the toes of farmers. Farm families have worked on the farm since birth and no government ruling is going to change that. Farm work is hard and sometimes dangerous but how else are future generations going to learn the family business? What's next? How much will we let the government control our everyday lives? My kids work on the farm and they are proud of it! That is one thing that will not change around here.

What do you think of this new proposal?

State Fair Update

A quick update on Miss Kylee Jo's ham that we took the Missouri State Fair. She placed 9th in her division. Not too shabby, top 10 her first year out. We couldn't be prouder and we are all looking forward to next years country cured ham.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

City Folk Friends

Recently, Aaron and I had one of our city folk friends over for some BBQ and other assorted victuals. After some quality chit chattin' we decided to take her and her daughter on a mini-tour of the farm.
Down the deserted black top, past the old white church...

Beyond the big barn...

We arrive at the hog house.

She had to take pictures and text them to her husband...."Look where I am, Honey..."

This is Denise and the short blond is her daughter Alli. Shortly after arriving we ventured into the barn to show them the ins and outs of piggin'. She was thrilled but her daughter was very disappointed that they were not little teacup piglets. Nope, these are 100 pound snouts.

"Hey, what's up?"

My dear friend Denise has a thing for pig snouts. She can't get enough of them. She had to rub every snout that came up to sniff her dainty little hand. With a giggle and a smile she rubbed snouts until we finally cut her off. Enough is enough. 

My big farmer man explained how we care for the pigs....oh, and my husband did some explaining too.

Needless to say, Alli prefers teacup piglets to 100 pound snouts and wanted no part of her mother's snout rubbing fetish.

The Pooboy taught his new friend a thing or two about pigs. "Yep, I help my dad with these pigs. I'm a farmer." 

The explanation grows intense.

After we toured both inside and out, after all the questions were answered, after all the snouts were rubbed away we drove. Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

I hope we haven't scared them off with our country ways. I'm sure Denise will be back but Alli's thoughts on the whole farming/country business thing is still in question. Pooboy plays hard and I'm hoping he didn't rough up Alli too much. He isn't use to little girls.

Have you ever been on a farm tour? I'd love to hear about it.