Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Famous & Misinformed: Singers that support HSUS, PETA, and other anti-ag groups

I ran across an interesting blog post today and just had to share it with my blog family. Celeste Laurent has a wonderful blog where she serves up her story of farm and family with a heaping helping of journalism on the side.

Here are just a few listed in Celeste's blog post: 10 Singers who support animal rights extremists

Carrie Underwood

Carrie is a huge supporter of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a lobbying organization that tricks animal lovers into donating money they think will help animal shelters when in fact, HSUS does not operate a single shelter!

Carrie has made personal donations as well as releasing songs with proceeds going to HSUS.

Kellie Pickler

Pickler is an example of the power of propaganda videos from extremist groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She told People Magazine that she decided to become a vegetarian after “googling” information about how animals are treated on farms.

Its a shame that Pickler would do something as drastic as becoming vegetarian without getting the truth from a farmer!

Justin Bieber

Bieber recently recorded a public service announcement for PETA promoting adoption of shelter pets.

Bieber’s work with PETA is shocking since he has often remained neutral when it comes to current issues. Its even more concerning to think that there are thousands of teenage girls struck with “Bieber Fever” who could be influenced by his association with this extremist group.

Emmylou Harris

This vegetarian country legend has been a long time supporter of PETA’s spay and neuter campaigns. PETA famously quotes Harris as saying, “I’m a proud member of some great organizations. One is the Grand Ole Opry—another is PETA.”

Emmylou sure knows how to make this Kentucky farm girl blue. Its a shame to see a country legend support an organization that opposes country music’s agricultural heritage.

I, for one, am disappointed and angry that a country legend like Emmylou Harris and a country star like Carrie Underwood would support groups that are anti-ag. They are turning their backs on the rich heritage that made them stars in the first place. It is this kind of misinformation and propaganda that we, as farmers and ranchers, need to address by telling our stories. We need to expose animal agriculture for what it really is and show how farm animals are really treated...with care and respect. Farmers and ranchers need to tell their stories and put the propaganda to rest. Show your support for agriculture by NOT supporting singers that don't support ag. You may think that your little contribution won't matter but it is the little things that make a big difference.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missouri Standing Up Against HSUS

Farmers, dog breeders, FFA members, concerned dog owners, and a swarm of others came out in an impressive show of support for SB 113, the bill that would make common sense changes to Prop B and allow it to actually do the job originally intended. That is, if the true intent was to protect dogs. But for some unknown reason, HSUS is fighting these common sense changes that would create funds for more inspectors, would require more inspections, and specifies the term "pet" to mean canine. SB 113 would also lift the 50-dog limit (which it is unconstitutional to limit a business in such a way) and would increase the penalties.

I really don't see the problem and many Missourians don't see the problem with SB 113's common sense changes either. So far the head count has been estimated at over 1,500! On the opposing side...a mere 150. Wah, wah, wahhh. Too bad HSUS, I guess the word is getting out and the truth is shining through.

What a great turn out!

Dog lovers support SB 113.Texas County supports SB 113.

Missouri supports SB 113.
More importantly, this adorable little girl and her puppy support SB 113.

Here are some podium shots...

Senator Mike Parson.

Chris Chinn, 5th generation family farmer and agvocate.

Don Nikodim with the Missouri Pork Association
Dr. Jon Hagler, Missouri Director of Agriculture

Alan Wessler, DVM

All the above spoke in favor of SB 113 and not a one of them are animal abusers, dog haters, or any other ridiculous name you want to call them. They are all common sense people that care more about animals than propaganda. HSUS is all about the money and as long as we allow them to invade our government their wallets get fatter while YOU pay the price.


A BIG thank you to Mindy Patterson for all the photos. Thanks Mindy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stand Up For Farmers Rally!

Missouri Farmers Care is hosting Stand Up For Farmers Rally.
If you support agriculture come show your support tomorrow.

Stand Up For Farmers Rally! Help us urge Governor Nixon to do that right thing for Missouri's farmers and economy by signing SB 113.

Wednesday, April 20th, at 5:00 PM…Show Up Early To Get A Good Spot

South Lawn of Missouri Capitol Building, Jefferson City

Shuttle Buses:
For those who do not wish to park down town, buses will be running from the Commuter Parking Lot at the Jefferson City Airport just North of the Missouri River Bridge and from the lot of Missouri Farm Bureau starting at 4:00.

We need as many people there as possible.
The HSUS will be there at 4:30 rallying against changes to Prop B.


Farmers feed the WORLD!

It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all. It's a small, small, world...but boy is she crowded!!!

According to the Population Reference Bureau, we are nearing the 7 billion marker and are projected to pass it up THIS year. If we hit the 7 billion marker this year (and I don't see any reason to doubt the PRB) that means it only took 12 years to create 1 billion people. There is both good news and bad news to this story.

The good news: The population increase is slowing down.
The bad news: The population is still growing.

Which brings me to another good news/bad news point:

The good news: Due to new technology, a better understanding of the environment, and bio sciences farmers are able to feed the 6 going on 7 billion people in the world on a relatively small amount of land.
The bad news: That amount of land is going to get smaller. The land to population ratio is declining by 40% to 55%.

Do not fret my foodie friends. Despair not my dietetic damsels. For farmers shall prevail!

One of the reasons I do this agvocating thing and the main reason each and every farmer and rancher I know does this is to get the word out about how vitally important agriculture is not only to our country, community, economy, but also to our everyday lives...our survival. People don't stop to think about survival because we are a nation of plenty...plenty too much if you ask me. We have become spoiled and wasteful with our abundance of food. Furthermore, too many people have got WAY too much time on their hands and want to play activist just for something meddlesome to do...You meddling kids!!! (name that cartoon)

The issue is this: Activists, lobbyists, radicals, and every other group that ends with -ists want to tell farmers how to farm, what to raise, who to sell it to, how much to sell it for, when and how to plant it/grow it/breed it/raise it, and each group is demanding something different. But what about the agrilists or the farmists or the ranchists? Don't we get a say in how we raise our food?

Not that agriculture isn't a team effort, it definitely is and everyone should have a say in what they eat but over-legislation, propaganda, and special interest agendas have the potential to push agriculture to the point of extinction. That may sound drastic but look at Florida, California, Ohio, Colorado, even here in Missouri activists and special interest groups have passed laws that inhibit or hold a strong potential to inhibit agriculture.

The world has to eat and only 98% of Americans are providing food for this country and exporting to several others as well. Who will feed the masses as they continue to multiply? Will you? Will your neighbor? What about the guy in the high-rise apartment, will he raise his own meat and vegetables 12 floors up? The world needs farmers and ranchers but too many don't see it that way. SPEAK UP! BE HEARD! As farmers and ranchers or general friends of ag you need to tell your story and help SPREAD THE WORD OF AG!!!

The world keeps growing while farm land keeps shrinking and new technology--including CAFOs--should be embraced as a new means of food production. Is it perfect? No. Is it the end all, be all of modern pork production? No. But it is what we have now and it is what we can improve on for the future. Farming is a process that constantly changes and evolves. We need to work together to make sure consumers, city folks, rural folks, and the general public know that we are evolving to better serve them. Be part of the solutions...not the problem.

Advocate for Agriculture!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prop B: Will Nixon sign and help farmers and breeders?

As many Missourians have read/seen/heard in the news, the legislature passed a measure to weaken, reform, and ultimately improve Prop B which was passed in November. Now, before I get into the meat of this I would like to point out that out of 114 counties plus one independent city in the state of Missouri only 13--I repeat 13--voted "Yes" on what is deceivingly known as the Puppy Mill Cruelty Act.

Now, the big tiff Prop B supporters have (besides the fact that their little bill is being amended) is that the voters pasted the bill by a majority vote and to amend this bill is going against the democratic, majority rules voting etiquette. Okay, so answer me this: If majority rules and the vast majority of the state voted "NO" doesn't that count for anything? According to Prop B supporters it means nothing that all the rural counties, filled with rural people that are the actual stewards of the land, the actual caretakers of animals, the ones truly affected by Prop B have a lesser vote than the city dwellers because after all, the guy living twelve stories up in a loft apartment surrounding by concrete, smog, and a half dozen $800 (a piece) pugs knows more about animal husbandry than any of us poor dumb rural farmers, ranchers, and breeders...Right? Guess again Chauncey, we've got this. If majority really ruled, Prop B would have never passed. You can find several sites explaining Prop B plus my recap of Prop B by clicking HERE.

As I was saying, the Senate passed this measure 20-14, the House passed it 85-71, now it is up to our Governor. If Governor Jay Nixon should put his John Hancock on Bill SB113 it will modify definitions to prevent agriculture from being targeted, it removes the "50 breeding dogs" rule, changes the name to Canine Cruelty Prevention Act, and this bill creates funds for the Department of Agriculture for Operation Bark Alert. I really don't see why the Prop B supporters are fussing. This bill actually makes Prop B better and creates funds to enforce it where the originally proposal creators apparently didn't think that far ahead...Oh, yeah, Prop B was created by HSUS, they never think that far ahead. They just want to get their foot in the door so they can rid America of animal agriculture and force us all to be vegans. Does that make me sound spiteful or bitter? Well, maybe I am...but just a little.

I've heard so many comments concerning Prop B and I am blown away by the stereotypes people still hold against rural people. I've been called a hick, country bumpkin, animal abuser, inbred hillbilly, accused of bestiality in less sophisticated terminology, and the list goes on but every one of these comments came from urban people that have never met me. How do I know they were urban dwellers? I googled them, of course. I also read their profiles or visited their blogs when listed. It's amazing the misconceptions out there and that people still think we are a bunch of backwoods hicks with straw hats, no teeth, and we have inappropriate relations with our siblings. I don't know about all you farmers and ranchers but that's not where I come from. I happen to have all my teeth...Oh, and I've never had inappropriate relations with any of my siblings. I though I should add that last bit for clarification.

My point is that the backwoods, mule and buggy, poor ignorant farmer stigma is alive and well and we should do something about it. I am guilty too, I won't lie, I tend to think all city folks are crazy, immoral, backward thinking, selfish jerks that live in a realm all their own and have no concept of reality especially when it comes to something other than their own vanity or materialism. The difference is...I'm right, city folks really are like that.

Wait...hold on to your hate mail...that was a joke. Come on, you chuckled just a little. Seriously, while I do hold certain stereotypes concerning city folks I realize that I must keep an open mind.

The real point is we farmers, ranchers, and breeders need to advocate our lifestyle and livelihood for the 98% of Americans that don't live on a farm, ranch, or rural area. We need to Agvocate and tell our story so more unnecessary bills aren't made and people begin to understand not only where their food, shelter, and clothing come from but what it takes to make all the great things Americans take for grated.

Let's just hope that Governor Nixon does right by us poor simpletons and signs that bill. If you would like to contact Governor Nixon just click on this link.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pork is Everywhere

What!? There's more to pigs than pork?
You bet there is, pork ain't just's everywhere.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Country Living

Here's what I love about country living:

Last night we cleaned up some brush--a tree top fell in our yard a few weeks ago--and we decided to go ahead a burn it. Of course, no one told me that we were going to be burning a brush pile so I didn't get marshmallows and weenies in the store...I was disappointed but the burning must go on. Even if we can't have smores (my favoritest junk food in the world).

The Poo boy was eager to burn his big stick and struck a few poses for momma.

He's so silly.

He just had to burn that stick. My kids are such fire bugs.

You can't do this in town without the fire department showing up on your doorstep. If you haven't sat around an open fire under the stars just listening to the crackle of the fire and the hoot of the owls then you haven't lived...I highly suggest you all try it.

The children were impressed with 'ol dad's fire.

And now pictures of fire because me likes the fire.

Flames...beautiful flames.

Pretty flames...

Ooohhh, sparks!

I think I've figured out where my kiddos get their fire bug gene...It must be their dad.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Exposing Even More

Speaking of being exposed--see my last blog post--here is another video that will interest my faithful followers...HSUS exposed...they ain't no animal shelter!!