About Us

Welcome to our pork loving #agblog!!!

First, we would like to thank each and every person who visits our ag blog--whether on purpose or by accident, we takes all kinds. Now, enough about you lets talk about team bacon blogger...

I'm a bit of a goofball...just in case that didn't come through in the picture.

Meet the creator of The Bacon Blogger. A farmer's wife, a mom of two hellions and one smelly dog, a writer/blogger (are they different categories?), and a rural lovin' Ag girl from Hickville, USA. That pretty much sums me up but what about the rest of the gang?

Aaron romancing his beloved Gator. The only thing he loves more than the Gator is...
his tractor.
Well, my husband, Aaron is the hog farmer of the family. He farms along side his family and happens to be the rock that keeps the rest of us from floating off into the clouds. Aaron is the braintrust behind the pig info and our latest contributor on the blog.
The mighty Kylee...yes, she really is that tall.
Kylee, our eldest, is creative, sensitive, the unofficial 6th grade momma hen/therapist, an entrepreneur, and just like me only smarter and prettier. We refer to her as our crafty crafter because she is the only kid I know that will make 3-D towns out of cardboard and scrap paper then take her remote control airplane apart to create some new vehicle she dreamed up (that actually works!). Did I mention she knits too?

Our little worker man. He's a big man in his worker gloves, trucker vest, and cowboy hat.
Not pictured are his worker man boots complete with camo and John Deere emblem.
Waylon, more commonly referred to as Poo-Boy, is the apple of Poppa Bear's eye. Poo-Boy is a farmer in training and can't wait to take over the fieldwork for 'ol dad. He is already a better driver than his sister, an ace marksman with aspirations to compete on Top Shot, and is better organized than his own mother. There, I said it.
Here's my big sweetie. She's a goofball too.
Miss Mina is the latest (and final) addition to our little family. She is my big sweetie and she's a good girl, yes she is. Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl? Yes you are...Oh, sorry...Sometimes I forget myself.

Anyway, that is the family and this blog is our life on the farm. Keep reading for recipes, antics, pork news, and for something to do other than work. Don't worry...I won't tell your boss you're blogging instead of working. Between you, me, and the keyboard, I blog at work too.

Happy reading everyone and thanks for stopping by!!!