Saturday, June 12, 2010


The Bacon Blogger, a.k.a. me, just got back from Des Moines, IA. My husband, Aaron, and I spent a day and a half in the diamond shaped office that houses the National Pork Board for a fantastic social media training session by lava row. Then, it was off to the the World Pork Expo! We had a great time. Unfortunately, I left my camera sitting at home on the table (where I wouldn't forget it, yeah right). Oh well.

If any of you bacon eating readers have not been to WPX you are missing out. Not only do you learn a ton about swine operations and new technologies you also get to watch pig racing and eat FREE food.
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That's right free ribs that fall off the bone, free pork burgers that melt in your mouth, free pulled pork that tastes like heaven, free beer and did I mention free pork and beer? Hard as it is to believe, the food isn't the only reason to go. My husband and I enjoyed meeting pork producers from around the globe and meeting representatives from the companies that we order our supplies from. By talking to the array of vendors we not only solved some problems we've been having with certain equipment but we also learned about new products that we would love to implement to enhance the health and comfort of our pigs. The trip was enlightening from every angle.

Can't wait until WPX11!

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