Sunday, July 11, 2010

First of Many Photo Farm Tour

Have you ever wondered what the inside of those big white barns with the giant fans look like? If you haven't seen one yet or if you've only seen what anti-aggies have posted, here's your chance to see the real deal from a real family farmer. I will be starting a little photo tour of our barn so everyone can see the process of raising pigs. In this first one the barn is empty to show how clean it is before the pigs come in. You can also see the shear size of it, this thing is huge.
Here are a few pictures to show the length of this barn. It's a heck of a long walk to the end!
Before every group of new pigs we have our barns power washed and disinfected to ensure that our piggies come into the cleanest environment possible. We also take this time to do work on the barns, repairing what needs be repaired and performing routine maintenance on the barns. Once we're done cleaning this barn it is cleaner than most homes! Doesn't it look brand new?

This is my husband, Aaron. He's fixing the water lines using his carpenter stilts. Beats a ladder!

Soon the baby piggies will be here and we can't wait to show them to you! I'll keep you updated bloggers.


  1. Maybe with those stilts I could actually see the top of the fridge!

  2. Jess,
    Ha Ha Shorty. I'm not sure even those stilts could help. :o)