Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Reasons to Vote NO on Prop B

I stopped by Veterinary Clinic, Inc. in Mexico, MO the other day to ask why a local vet would have a
"Vote NO on Prop B" sign in their front yard.
Turns out, Don Hudson, DVM didn't have a single reason to oppose Prop B...
He has a list

Veterinary Clinic, Inc. Mexico, MO
Don Hudson, DVM
Jeanine Utterback, DVM


1. Everyone should visit the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association website.

2. All Licensed kennels are under very strict inspections by state and federal investigators. These inspections are unannounced.

3. HSUS never documents the source of their videos with animals in cages when asking for donations (Hoarders, unlicensed kennels, etc.)

4. Prop B demands solid flooring (concrete) which is very stressful over long term. They are cold, damp, and filthy for non housebroken animals. Many breeders use tenderfoot or fiber glass flooring to keep animals dry, warm, and waste drains into trays underneath the racks.

5. Licensed kennels are inspected by a veterinarian once a year and state and federal inspections twice a year. A written form outlines vaccinations, nutrition, deworming, etc. This must be followed with attending veterinarian and owner.

6. The idea of having only 50 dogs is ridiculous. Who came up with that number? Why not 49 or 51?

7. Many people feel that Prop B opponents are paranoid about this being only the beginning of attacking other aspects of animal production. They have every reason to be paranoid. Just investigate what happened in California, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona. Many supporters actually believe this only affects kennels; however HSUS has a very toxic track record.

8. The very wording of Prop B is misleading and should never have been allowed.

9. The amount of money coming from out of state is disgusting. This alone should make everyone suspicious. Why should out of state people tell us in Missouri what we should do? We don’t try to regulate the number of cars owned by someone in California, or the number of houses a realtor can sell. The latest numbers I have seen were October 23, 2010. At that time, 2.6 million dollars has been donated for Prop B. Of the 2.6 million, 2.37 million came from out of state of which 1.32 million came from HSUS!! In state donations for Prop B amounted to about 8.8%! Follow the money! At the same time, the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners had $44,700.00 to oppose Prop B.

10. If this passes, there will be a tremendous amount of collateral damage, which the proponents will either deny or won’t care. Prop B is wrong financially and ethically because of how misleading HSUS has been, and in the way it does business.
This list is from a well-known, respected, and reputable Missouri veterinarian.
Enough said.
Vote NO on Prop B.

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