Friday, October 8, 2010

Prop B Meeting

Last night my husband and I pulled into a full parking lot in front of Mexico's 4-H building. We were greeted by Mr. Middleton (he and his wife are Missouri dog breeders) who graciously held the door for us. Through the wide white door and off to the large room on the right we found rows of people tentatively listening to Cathy Griesbauer, President of Professional Pet Association, discuss the truth behind Proposition B. PPA President Griesbauer gave frightening HSUS statistics; for example, less than half a penny is spent on hands-on care and HSUS does not help or participate in any spay and neuter program. Yet they're suppose to be helping animals. Another interesting aspect to Prop B is the fact that current regulations on dog breeder are actually more strict and Prop B reduces the level of care for the animals. What Prop B is actually doing is creating it harder to have an animal-based business in Missouri.

One of the key points made is here in one of Cathy Griesbeaur's slides.

The next speaker to take the stage was Chris Chinn from the Farm Bureau. She explained how Prop B is a stepping stone for radical groups to change animal agriculture like they did in California. One of the major goals of HSUS is to create a meat free society and to give animals the same rights as people. Prop B is only step one of this initiative. Another key point made during her speech was that we as farmers need to tell our story. Radical groups are busy telling our story for us but it is the wrong story. We need to "put a face on agriculture" and make our voices heard. 
After Chinn's presentation the floor was opened to questions and comments. One of the audience members who presented his view on Prop B was Senator Bill Stouffer. Another political figure present was state representative candidate Linda Witte. This meeting was a success however it's not over. Another meeting will be held Tues. at Coach's Pizza in Mexico and we need every ones help to spread the word about Prop B's lies.

Prop B doesn't help animals, it hurts the economy, hurts local and legitimate businesses, and it is the first step to reducing if not removing your rights as an American citizen.

Vote NO on Prop B


  1. Why do you all have to misrepresent the facts?

    The Humane Society of the US is a legislative body, as well as an educational one. It does have four shelters, and does provide grants to other shelters. However, it's main focus is on working with people in states to legislate for humane animal care.

    The agricultural communities have several organizations that do the same. You all probably belong to one or two. So why is it OK for the agri-community to have these legislative bodies, but not the animal welfare community?

    Is it that you all would like to just do what you want, and you don't want pesky animal welfare folks around, pointing out the cruel behavior?

    If you can't fight against Proposition B based on facts, and have to resort to innuendo and lies, then it doesn't say much for the anti-proposition B folks, does it?

  2. Shelley, I appreciate your comment but I do not feel that the facts have been misrepresented. Look at past posts and you'll see facts that come from IRS records. Further more, Prop B actually reduces animal care requirements from current regulations. How does that help animals? The real issue is not with the legitimate whistle blowers. We need people willing to speak up for animal welfare but HSUS is out to rid us of animal ag altogether.

    “We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals.”
    -Wayne Pacelle, President, HSUS
    “In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born.”
    -Wayne Pacelle, President, HSUS

    Do these sound like quotes from someone who loves and cares for animals?

    Another problem with Prop B is the fact that it is the same language they used in the California to ban sow crates and battery cages, which drove eggs to more than $6 per dozen. Can you afford that? I can't.

    If passed, Prop B would put many licensed legitimate breeders out of business and only leave the unlicensed and substandard breeders, which doesn’t help animals in any way. It is also a stepping-stone toward regulating animal ag out of Missouri, which would put 25,000 people out of work.

    Please visit sites provided on this blog to learn the truth about Prop B or at least research it further before you step up to the voting box. Remember, the media shows the single plane that crashed but it never shows the thousands that landed safely, animal ag and breeders are in the same boat. Just because you see one bad apple, it does not mean the whole batch is rotten.

    Vote NO on Prop B.