Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Day Fun

Today was a beautiful fall day in Missouri. The temperature was just right for fall, the breeze was light and cool, the sun shone brightly in the big blue sky, and the kids had a great time shooting their Halloween  pumpkin. After taking turns with their pellet rifle, they proceeded to "surgically" remove the pellets as they argued over who was the better marksman.

We worked on the proper stance while shooting. They're getting it, it just takes practice. We also discussed gun safety, which is a subject that I think every child should learn whether you have guns or not.

The pumpkin awaits his fate as the marksmen takes aim.

I love fall and the kids love shooting their pellet rifle. Of course, after a fun filled afternoon of pumpkin hunting we had to give Miss Mina some love too. Unfortunately, Aaron couldn't be here to watch the kids shoot and play but that's life on a farm. Fall is harvest and manure spreading time, so we just deal. 

 What fun stuff are you doing this fall?

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