Thursday, March 31, 2011

CAFO Ethics Exposed

There are a ton of websites, blogs, and articles "explaining" what a CAFO is and how they operate. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these "explanations" are not by farmers or even rural inhabitants, they are by activists, radicals, and the misinformed John Q. Public. Instead of witnessing the majority, many folks are exploiting the minority. Every bushell has a few bad apples but that doesn't mean you can't still make apple butter. Guess what, we are the apples that made it into the steamy batch of cinnamony goodness and we are far from alone...the pork industry is full of good apples, we just don't get that much publicity.

This video is an explanation of modern pork production from the view point of actual pork producers. It shows how we care about what we are doing and we are just as responsible as the hog farmers in the days of yore. Sure, you could say we are biased, you could argue that we are only sugar coating the truth, you could even spit on your computer and pretend you didn't witness responsible farming and CAFO farming coming together in harmony but in the end I hope you will all simply see that pork producers are family farmers too--we're just doing it a little different.

Learn more about modern pork production by visiting the PorkCheckoff's site and watching the Checkoff's YouTube channel. You can also learn more about our farm by watching the BaconCam channel.

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