Monday, April 4, 2011

Country Living

Here's what I love about country living:

Last night we cleaned up some brush--a tree top fell in our yard a few weeks ago--and we decided to go ahead a burn it. Of course, no one told me that we were going to be burning a brush pile so I didn't get marshmallows and weenies in the store...I was disappointed but the burning must go on. Even if we can't have smores (my favoritest junk food in the world).

The Poo boy was eager to burn his big stick and struck a few poses for momma.

He's so silly.

He just had to burn that stick. My kids are such fire bugs.

You can't do this in town without the fire department showing up on your doorstep. If you haven't sat around an open fire under the stars just listening to the crackle of the fire and the hoot of the owls then you haven't lived...I highly suggest you all try it.

The children were impressed with 'ol dad's fire.

And now pictures of fire because me likes the fire.

Flames...beautiful flames.

Pretty flames...

Ooohhh, sparks!

I think I've figured out where my kiddos get their fire bug gene...It must be their dad.

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