Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missouri Standing Up Against HSUS

Farmers, dog breeders, FFA members, concerned dog owners, and a swarm of others came out in an impressive show of support for SB 113, the bill that would make common sense changes to Prop B and allow it to actually do the job originally intended. That is, if the true intent was to protect dogs. But for some unknown reason, HSUS is fighting these common sense changes that would create funds for more inspectors, would require more inspections, and specifies the term "pet" to mean canine. SB 113 would also lift the 50-dog limit (which it is unconstitutional to limit a business in such a way) and would increase the penalties.

I really don't see the problem and many Missourians don't see the problem with SB 113's common sense changes either. So far the head count has been estimated at over 1,500! On the opposing side...a mere 150. Wah, wah, wahhh. Too bad HSUS, I guess the word is getting out and the truth is shining through.

What a great turn out!

Dog lovers support SB 113.Texas County supports SB 113.

Missouri supports SB 113.
More importantly, this adorable little girl and her puppy support SB 113.

Here are some podium shots...

Senator Mike Parson.

Chris Chinn, 5th generation family farmer and agvocate.

Don Nikodim with the Missouri Pork Association
Dr. Jon Hagler, Missouri Director of Agriculture

Alan Wessler, DVM

All the above spoke in favor of SB 113 and not a one of them are animal abusers, dog haters, or any other ridiculous name you want to call them. They are all common sense people that care more about animals than propaganda. HSUS is all about the money and as long as we allow them to invade our government their wallets get fatter while YOU pay the price.


A BIG thank you to Mindy Patterson for all the photos. Thanks Mindy!

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