Friday, June 24, 2011

Technically MyCleanPC is a Technical Rip-Off

It has been another one of those weeks again!

I have been having a few computer issues just in case anyone was wondering. You see, my computer has been sporadically giving me the blue screen and "program not responding" crap so in a fit of rage I called the people. I paid my $39.98 to download their software, talked to a nice little gal on the phone, had a diagnostics ran on my computer and she tells me that I am infected to the hilt on this thing. She said that I had what looked to be a Trojan virus and several open ports; in fact, she wasn't sure how I was even able to still be using my computer because it had so many viruses. Scared the crap out of me! She then tells me that they could clean it and get it back to running like new for a mere $250--which included a one year personal techy to call anytime I needed assistance.

Well, I got a second opinion.

I took my trusty, loyal, feels-like-family laptop to my local tech dude at Innovative Technology Services. Here's the kicker folks! Guess what he had to say....go on guess........

There is NOTHING wrong with my computer. He ran every viral, hardware, memory, malware, etc. test that he has and he found nothing. He told me that it looked to him like some downloaded software might have caused the hiccup but it was certainly not infected.

Can you say Rip-Off! Just an FYI: If you get suckered into this crap just say NO! My local tech dude charged me $55. to do every test he has available to him. I also called the good people at and demanded a refund....which I got.

Be back soon. My computer is being released today and coming home.

**sniffle, sniff, sniffle**

I've missed that flat, black, beautiful piece of technology.

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