Monday, July 11, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer. I never understood that phrase but what the heck, lets talk about Mina.

I see you...

Mina likes the corn...Between you and me, I like the corn, too.

This is Mr. Frog. He is not a dog.

But he got to know my other pups. 
I mean my children. They built him a habitat.

And found him a friend.

Back to Mina...

She got a new toy. A nice chewy, nearly indestructible rope.

And she like to beat herself with it.

I don't understand her need for violence but she is part of this family so she needs to have a little crazy in her to fit in.

But even the rope isn't enough to amuse her for long.

"But Mommmmm, I'm bored..."

"Hmmm, what can I find to do over here?"

Enter Cat, luckily she does not have Kitten with her. Yes, I named our feline friends Cat and Kitten because I am an original kind of person.

"I'm not touching you..."

"I'm not touching you..."

Cat and Mina get along almost as well as Kylee and Waylon. The only difference is that Mina likes to carry Cat around by her neck and mess up her hair with doggy slobber, which Cat really hates. Kylee can't quite get her mouth around Waylon's neck but Waylon has messed up Kylee's hair with icky boy slobber....Gross!

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