Friday, July 8, 2011

More on Gardening

All right, so this has been one weird summer. First it's cool, then it's hot, then it's stormy, then hot, then wet, cool, hot, stormy, really hot, cool, wet, scorching hot, tornadic, sunny here, sunny there, rainy here, rainy there, well, you get the idea. I mention this because we were worried about the garden. Since the weather has been unpredictable and wet...very wet...we weren't sure how our first garden was going to turn out.

Well, here's how it looks thus far:

Lush and Green...

Thick, bushy carrots...We may have gotten carried away when planting and I don't have the heart to thin them. I tried and I cried. They are all so can I choose?

Mmm...corn...sweet, sweet corn

My Zinnias are coming right along.

So  pretty...

And we can't over look the mammoth cucumbers.

Tomato!!! I can't wait.

Love me some peppy peppers.

Look! My pumpkin had a baby...

Greeny Beanies...almost

The broccoli looks a little shabby...or is that cauliflower? first marigold bloom.

Well, how is your garden going?

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