Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Rule in Child Labor Laws Butts In on Ag Family Affairs

Once again government officials step in to help us poor dumb farm folk that just don't know no better.
Apparently, farmers are now no longer capable of deciding what our children can and cannot do on the farm. According to the proposed new rule, which updates current child labor laws, it would restrict minors working no the farm.

 This scene could soon be illegal.

As could this scene...

Depending on what the rule states as a "safe environment" and if the ruling passes kids and teens may not be able to work on the farm at all.

Just another way that the government and city officials are stepping in and stepping on the toes of farmers. Farm families have worked on the farm since birth and no government ruling is going to change that. Farm work is hard and sometimes dangerous but how else are future generations going to learn the family business? What's next? How much will we let the government control our everyday lives? My kids work on the farm and they are proud of it! That is one thing that will not change around here.

What do you think of this new proposal?

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