Thursday, June 7, 2012

Double Standards in Animal Care

I have noticed some interesting blog posts, comments, and sentiments about the proper way to care for animals. For example, I recently read a blog post that described the best way to care for a dog is to keep them indoors and insinuated that outdoor dogs can become vicious.
English Shepherd Image by Jo Windmann

Yes, outdoor dogs can become vicious. Just look at this one...she's a real killer. Don't let the lazy attitude fool you, she's primed for the attack.

Image courtesy of Google Images
 This is a kennel I found because according to popular believe dogs should not be allowed to roam free. If they roam free then they could get sick, hurt, attacked, lost, or killed.

English Shepherd Dog by Jo Windmann
Image courtesy Google Images

Yes, let's kennel them or keep them locked in the living room watching TV with us. I'm sure dogs prefer prime time over a romp in the grass anyway. Just look at these two examples above. It is obvious which dog is happier and healthier. Don't you agree?

Image courtesy Google Images
Disturbing image that I feel guilty for actually using
I am sorry Mina
This one I love. It is healthier to have a dog in the house and to train it to poop and pee where it lives. After all, you wouldn't want to find a steamy cookie in the yard because it is better to discover that kind of filth in your own home...really?
Wait! You want my dog to do what in my house!? I don't think so.

To summarize: If your dog does not live indoors (and apparently to his business indoors) then you are a bad pet owner.

Now, on to farm animals:
CAFO hog picture by Jo Windmann
Farm animals should be kept outdoors and free to roam on the wide open acres. They should not do their business indoors because that is disgusting and inhumane to make them live in their own filth. Despite the fact that their poo lives in a pit several feet below them not in the pen with them.

To summarize: As farmers, we should not confine our livestock in any way despite the fact that they could get sick, hurt, attacked, lost, or killed by predators.

To further summarize:

There is a serious double standard in animal care. Dogs are seen as people not animals, pigs are seen as animals not livestock, and one should be confined indoors for their own protection and well-being, while the other is considered abused for being kept indoors for their own protection and well-being.

Is anyone else confused?

I have nothing against indoor animals. I have nothing against outdoor animals. I think animals should be cared for according to their own individual needs and the individual preferences of their owners. Period. As for us, we like our piggies inside and our puppies outside. Do either look abused to you?

Precious picture of father and son petting a pig
My baby and my puppy playing in the tall grass

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