Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mexico Ledger Pet Contest

So, I entered my Miss Mina in the Mexico Ledger pet contest. I don't generally enter in such contests but I thought what the heck. Mina seemed excited about it and I think she is pretty special so in she went.

She's come such a long way and grown so much. Just seeing what a lovely young lady she has developed into brings a tear to my eye.
If you think Miss Mina is as special as I do you can vote for her in the Mexico Ledger Pet Contest. I know I'll be voting everyday for my pretty girl.

Who's a good girl...Who's a good girl...yes you are...want a treat...some bacon...yes you do...want you bacon treat...

Don't tell me you don't talk like an idiot to your dog, too. Everyone does it and I'm not ashamed.

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