Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pig Care Priority

Pork producers are always looking for ways to better their farming practices and pig care is on the top of their list.

Several producers gathered for a pig care meeting. This meeting was not only a refresher course but it also introduced the producers to some new ideas to improve their practices.

The meeting focused on the importance of individual pig care despite the large numbers being raised in hog barns. Some creative methods were suggested to help produces with this task.  

No pork producer meeting would be complete complete without a pulled pork meal. Yum!

The whole Windmann crew was there, too.

Farmers are constantly changing and improving their techniques and pork producers are no different. We strive to take better care of our animals because we care about the product that we produce and the animals that we raise.

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  1. Great post showcasing how pork producers work together to care for the animals we raise.