Tuesday, February 12, 2013

101 in 1001...Oh, boy!

While this was first created by the Day Zero Project I first saw this challenge on a lovely blog that I follow (and think you should follow it too) called CrystalCattle. A quick thank you to her for the inspiration.

So, what is this Day Zero Project? Here is the rundown:

The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

We are working up a list and could use some help! Suggestions would be helpful! Please suggest something, anything.

This is what we've come up with so far:

Team Bacon Blogger Goals:
  1. Finish School with my BA in Eng/Lit
  2. Finish creating my agriculture education newsletters
  3. Make my newsletters into PDF's available on the blog
  4. Post on the blog 6 days a week (without fail) for 3 months
  5. Write/Rewrite 9 Show-Me Ag Matters Easy Readers
  6. Write 6 There's a Farm in my Food books
  7. Publish/Self-publish Show-Me Ag Matters Easy Readers
  8. Speak to at least 5 schools about agriculture
  9. Become part of Operation Main Street
  10. Participate in 10 AgChats (actually tweet)
  11. Volunteer for AgChat
  12. Get more involved with USFRA
  13. Create Swine Swag
  14. Offer Swine Swag for sale on blog and donate portion to at least 3 different Ag Foundations
  15. Make 5 more YouTube videos for BaconCam
  16. Update web appearance 
  17. Attend a blogger conference 
  18. Meet one online peep in person
  19. Blog a series on building hog barns
  20. Tour a packing plant and blog about it
  21. Tour a rendering plant (with nose plugs) and blog about it
  22. Blog a series on our new drag line equipment
  23. Triple the likes on The Bacon Blogger's Facebook page
  24. Start a "New Appliance" savings fund
  25. Go to church once a month for 6 months
  26. Become a room mom
  27. Buy a new camera (Nikon D3200)
  28. Buy a new computer (Lenovo Yoga)
  29. Send 10 Thank You cards for random acts of kindness and appreciation
  30. Workout 3 times a week for 3 months solid
  31. Get a manicure (I've never had one)
  32. Fly to New Hampshire for the commencement ceremony
  33. Actually post pics to my Flickr account (if I can remember how to sign into it)
  34. Update linked in at least twice a month
  35. Send cards to friends and family on every holiday (that I choose to recognize) for 1 year
  36. Spend 2 hours a week during winter months just throwing the ball for Miss Mina
  37. Pin 50 thinks to Pinterest (they have to be things I actually like, random pinning does not count)
  38. Read 4 fun books (fiction only, no association with school or work)
  39. Build a garden shelter
  40. Attempt a winter garden 
  41. Try 10 new recipes 
  42. Buy a myself a gun (Taurus Slim 9)
  43. Get my conceal and carry
  44. Take my mom-in-law on an Amtrak train
  45. Focus on picture portfolio at least 3 times during every season
  46. Chaperone every one of Kylee's high school dances
  47. Buy a NICE pair of boots
  48. Finish the paint and trim work upstairs
  49. Get a 4-wheeler for sprayer use
  50. Win the Missouri Lottery (I told him it was a long shot but he doesn't care)
  51. Buy a loader for the tractor
  52. Replace back deck
  53. Build a shop
  54. Buy a NICE pair of boots (Aaron disagrees but he needs a new pair)
  55. Start anniversary tattoos again
  56. Finish landscaping the yard
  57. Finish disk 1 of Rosetta Stone
  58. Start disk 2 of Rosetta Stone 
  59. Buy an RV 
  60. Make another list after this one
  61. Complete at least 60% of this list
  62. Schedule a date night once a quarter (no kids, no computers, no distractions, just us)
  63.  Stand on the Gettysburg field at night during the anniversary
  64. Never miss a track meet
  65. Take the kids to see the ocean
  66. 24 hours with family and NO technology of any kind
  67. Update family photos
  68. Actually hang up the family photos this time
  69. Teach Waylon to swim
  70. Take kids on a movie date night
  71. Take kids bowling
  72. Visit 3 new states (layovers don't count)
  73. Build a new dog house for Miss Mina
  74. Let Kylee make supper one night for the family
  75. Make sure Waylon gets in shooting practice 3 times a week during the summer
  76. Buy Kylee a car (turns 15 this year!)
  77. Invite someone (friend or family) over for supper (we don't have company...ever and Kylee's friends don't count)

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