Monday, July 21, 2014

Right To Farm Part 1: Does Amendment 1 Protect Corporations or Farmers?

In Missouri, there is a lot of talk about Amendment 1, also known as Right to Farm. This Amendment would change the Missouri Constitution to protect family farmers from attacks from radical groups like HSUS, however, it would NOT alter any of the existing regulations concerning the environment, water, public health, etc. It would also allow future reasonable regulations to be made, as needed.

I have heard many concerns about Right to Farm, so I spoke with Brent Haden from The Law Firm of Hayden and Byrne. Brent was involved in the drafting of this amendment and here is a series that answers several questions and concerns that people have.

Concern: Right to Farm is merely a curtain for corporations to hide behind.

Question: Does Amendment 1 protect corporations? What does it actually do?


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