Monday, October 25, 2010

Missouri Cares--Vote NO on Prop B

I would like to share an email I received last week. It caught me by surprise and I thoroughly appreciated it. This email shows the level of dedication Missouri's legitimate pet businesses have and how serious they are about their job. One of the major issues we are having right now with Prop B is that radical groups are trying to paint every puppy breeder as being a "puppy mill." This is the same as labeling our family farm a "factory farm," which just isn't the case. Just because we're big doesn't make us bad, same goes for puppy breeders. Furthermore, people like Tonya, who buy puppies from legitimate breeders, are being chastised as well.


My Name is Tonya Thoenen and I own and operate a small pet store outside of Mexico MO. Puppy Love Haven has been in business for 28 years . I love my job providing quality puppies to mid Missouri and providing children with their first pet (best friend) or an elderly person finding companionship after they have lost their loved one. This is better than being Santa Clause! I know in my heart they went home with a good healthy dog that will love them unconditionally.

I purchase puppies from several licensed kennels in Mo. and have first hand knowledge that this is their livelihood also. We don’t do this as a hobby. Its in our blood. The dog breeders I know are passionate about what they do. This is a blessing from God to love what you do. I know for a fact that you will not find one livestock farmer or row cropper or dog breeder that hates their job.

Thank you for coming to the 4 H meeting and all of your well written blogs. I forwarded your site to my Mo. inspector to read. I know she will like it and appreciate it. It took me awhile to figure out how to thank you, I'm over 40 and don't have any children to show me how to respond to a blog. (smile)

So in closing. Thank you for your support, thank your for your information. I had no idea how much I rely on pork products. Where would we be without our pork?

God Bless and have a great day.

Thanks, Tonya Thoenen
Puppy Love Haven

Missouri has been labeled "the puppy mill capital" by HSUS and ASPCA. These same radical groups have pushed Prop B onto Missouri's ballot claiming it will end puppy mills, claiming it will stop puppy cruelty. But, I'd like to know how? Prop B does nothing to enforce the laws, it does nothing to improve the laws, it basically does nothing but put HSUS's foot in the door to legislate animal businesses out of Missouri.

Thank you Tonya for caring. Thank you to all the legitimate and responsible puppy breeders that provide healthy pets to loving homes. Please help keep these people in business and don't let misleading ads by radical groups stop us from having pets. We don't need more government to protect animals, we need help enforcing the laws that we already have. If HSUS and ASPCA really cared they would have spent the millions they have wasted on this campaign on actually helping animals. They push the ballot but don't pay the bill. Prop B won't help Missouri.
Vote NO on Prop B. 

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