Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Porky Products

With all this talk about Prop B, "The Puppy Mill Bill," or whatever name it wants to go by, I've lost site of what month we're in. Not only does October hold one of my favorite holidays, no it's not Columbus Day, it also happens to be National Pork Month. I'd like to take a little break from the "Vote No to Prop B" campaign to discuss my favorite farm animal...Pigs.

Many, but not all, vegans, veggies, and animal activists believe we do not need to consume animal flesh. To them, consuming animal flesh is morally wrong and down right icky. Those same folks go on to proclaim that we don't even need animal ag, we should rid this country of animal business all together. Well, that is all fine and good with me if they don't want to eat meat but what about the other stuff?

What other stuff? you might ask. Well, pigs aren’t just for ham and bacon. There are over 500 byproducts that come from pigs that has nothing to do with their meat. This is true for more than just the pork industry, every animal industry has a slew of byproducts that we use in our everyday lives.

If you are one of those that wish the animal ag industry to fail or at least tuck tail and run, then you better be prepared to lose many common items or at least be willing to pay through the nose for them. Because we would have to come up with another way to produce these products without the animals and that would require man-made replacements that most likely will come from fossil fuels.

Here are just a few of the 500 plus products that use pork in either the manufacturing process or in the making of the product:

Glass              Chalk                 Glue                              

Crayons          Buttons              Fertilizer                       

Insulation        Weed Killers       Plastics                         

Fabric Dye      Ornaments          Insecticides

Matches          Upholstery          Floor Waxes                 

Rubber            Water Filters      Antifreeze                     

Make-up          Linoleum           Chewing Gum              

Cement         Gelatin (this includes jell-o and marshmellows)                         

Asphalt (They used this one in St. Louis)

And you thought pigs were only good for breakfast. Just think of all the products that rely on the pork industry. Then, re-think your position pertaining to the importance of animal ag in Missouri and the U.S.A.

See me on YouTube in a goofy little skit called Porky Products.

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