Monday, October 11, 2010

Prop B Debate Continues

The Prop B debate continues and will until November 2, where you, as an American citizen, have the right to voice your opinion by voting.  You have constitutional rights and options but if Prop B passes it will be yet another stepping-stone toward more government control in our every day lives. Little by little our rights as citizens are being eaten away by more and more government control.

Prop B limits dog breeders, despite the level of care they have given their dogs in the past, to a specific number of breeding females and dictates how many times those females can be bred. This would, by law, limit breeders to how much they are allowed to earn per year making it impossible to earn a living and stay in business. Would you stand for the government dictating how much you are allowed to earn and controlling your business? That fact alone goes against our constitutional rights. Missouri already has laws in place that protect these animals. Furthermore, Prop B lowers the standards of care required while increasing punishments for such non-offenses as a piece of food in a water dish or a single scratch on a painted surface. How many of you have had your pet eat some kibble then take a drink and oops, there is some food in the water. Should you too be charged with a Class C misdemeanor crime? Do you have all the cobwebs out of the corners of your ceiling? If not, according to Prop B, that is another misdemeanor charge. Prop B also makes it nearly impossible for puppies to survive given the new "environmental" requirements.

By lowering care standards, imposing severe income limits, and making non-offenses into misdemeanor crimes Prop B would close most of Missouri's properly operated, inspected, licensed and reputable facilities, while doing NOTHING to increase state resources to close unlawful kennels. In other words, the breeders that are following the rules and filling out the paperwork are being punished while the unregulated and unlicensed facilities remain just under the radar and in business. Even the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association calls Prop B "unfair and misguided." The MVMA goes on to state, "We don't need more laws and more governmental limitations on those that follow the rules...the answer lies in adequate funding for inspections and better enforcement of unlicensed facilities."

Coincidentally, HSUS and certain "favored" organizations are exempt from this law if it should pass. Even HSUS, who is responsible for pushing Prop B on the ballot, wants nothing to do with this law. Shouldn't that be a red flag unto itself? Get the facts before you vote! Don't put thousands of Missourians out of work and out of business. Vote NO on Prop B.

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  1. H$U$ Lies.

    Have you seen the comments made by supporters of Proposition B saying it wouldn't affect hobby breeders? Guess why...Because they are about to take away the right to breed dogs at the FEDERAL level.

    Future of Dogs: PUPS ­ Federal Anti - Hobby Breeder Legislation.

    Read and follow instructions if you hope to retain the shred of freedom that remains as this country continues to dive bomb.