Monday, November 1, 2010

Recap Prop B

My fellow Missourians, lend me your eyes...

Tomorrow is November 2 and you all know what that means, Election Day! Polls will open and it is your patriotic duty to get out there and vote. Now, before you hit the polls, check out the "Sample Ballot" tab at the upper left corner of this blog. This will redirect you to the Vote Missouri website where you can view a sample ballot for your district. This will also give you a chance to do some last minute research.

So, lets recap on one of the big issues on the ballot, Prop B.

1) Local veterinarian, Dr. Hudson, gave 10 reasons to vote NO on Prop B. He also suggested that everyone check out the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association's website. The MVMA is only one of many groups against Prop B.

2) Prop B redefines "pet" to "any domesticated animal normally maintained in or near the household of the owner thereof." The language of the proposition is also dangerously vague. When you consider the redefined term, the vague language, and HSUS's track record for going after animal agriculture, Prop B is Bad for Missouri.

3) We learned more on "The Puppy Mill Bill" when we took a look at some scary HSUS statistics. For example, they give less than 1% of the donations to shelters and $31 million of the donations go toward salaries. Is this the type of organization you want in Missouri?

Don't be fooled by the HSUS lies. Learn the truth about Prop B by researching it. Look at the Missouri Farm Bureau's website,, and to find out more. When local veterinarians and local animal groups are against this bill, something must be wrong with it. These are people that have devoted their lives to animals. Why would they oppose it if it truly helped animals?

No one wants to see animals abused. As breeders, farmers, and pet owners we all want to see Missouri animals safe, healthy, and loved; however, HSUS is using this against us. They call it the "Puppy Cruelty Prevention Act" because who would vote against that. That is the first deception. Look at the facts, look at the track record. HSUS finds the low hanging fruit and destroys it then, like a disease, leeches into the rest of the tree. In California it was the egg industry, in Florida it was the pork industry, now, in Missouri it is the dog industry. They come in claiming to help but their real goal is to abolish domestic animal ownership and create a meat free society.

This is not a socialistic society but if we keep voting for more government it will quickly turn that way. Vote NO on Prop B to keep government and the HSUS out of our daily lives. Don't be fooled by their lies. Prop B is unconstitutional and is only the first stepping-stone for HSUS to take away our animals and our agriculture. Stop them before they can get their claws into Missouri.

Vote NO on Prop B Tomorrow!

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