Friday, January 28, 2011

Pork Makes Front Page of STL Post

While sitting at my usual station at work, the one by the door (for a quick get away come closing time), a fellow workmate called to my attention the news paper. "Hey," she said, "did you you see the paper's got pigs on it?"

Half asleep I articulately reply, "Huh?"

"The paper," she repeats, "there's a picture of pigs on the front page. Did you see it?"

Image on front page of St. Louis Post Dispatch
With that I roll my little chair over to the door and pop up from my perch to fetch the paper from the hall/waiting area table. Sure enough, Mr. Rick Rehmeier, a Missouri pork producer, was on the front cover herding a group of hogs. Of course, I had to read the article and since it was not busy I stood in the hall and enjoyed the article.

Image of Rick Rehmeier herding hogs is from STL Today site

I was aware that the U.S. was discussing exporting pork to China but I didn't know that they wanted Lambert to be the export hub for overseas flights. That is very cool. Not only will this boost Lambert's revenue but it will also create a great source of revenue for the entire state of MO. If this deal goes through and China decides to spend on quality, high-end pork products it will really boost Missouri's pork, corn, soybean, and overall farm industries as well.

As Rex Ricketts, director of the University of Missouri Extension's commercial agriculture program, said in the article, ""The one thing we do well in this country is agriculture, and we want to keep doing that. Any time we can move product to China or any other country, it's a good deal."

Couldn't agree more Mr. Ricketts!

You can read this article at STL Today by clicking here.

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