Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cutest 'Lil Muffins Ever!

I know, I know, my recipes usually involve pork but I just have to share this one. I recently purchased some new goodies from The Pampered Chef. No, I’m not a PC consultant nor am I endorsing any particular consultant but this stuff is great!

I got a mini muffin pan, a mini wood smasher thing, and some little icing squeezy tubes.

Look at these things…Aren’t they the most adorable little bite size cakes you have ever seen! They’re so small and cute and you can shove the whole thing in your mouth at once, I love it.

These were super easy to make too. I had a box of pumpkin bread and some cream cheese icing in the cabinet for whatever reason and decided it was time to do something with it. So, I whipped up the pumpkin bread according to the box directions and cooked it in my new mini muffin pan. Then I used the little icing squeezy tubes to make the cute little swirl of icing on top.