Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite Pics Round Two: Kid Pics

Okay, so she isn't one of my actual "human" kids but she is just too cute not to include in my kid pics. Besides, she is part of the family too.

Miss Mina is becoming such a little lady. It's hard to believe she is a year old now.Here's my little man learning to drive the CA. He is so big...sniff...sniff.

 Of course my little girl isn't very little anymore either. She likes to remind me every chance she gets that she is now taller than me...hardy har har...she thinks it's so funny.

And I can't show kid pics without showing kids with pig pics too.

This one isn't mine, she is my adorable niece...I just love those boots, they're so tiny.

I have to show my little man with his big man gun. He just loves to shoot and aspires to be on Top Shots one day...we have to record the series so he doesn't miss a single gun slinging, action packed episode. He has one more year until he is old enough to compete in 4-H--we're prepping the boy.

I'll end with a couple of fun shots reminiscent of summer days gone by. Oh how I long for the the sun to once again grace Missouri with its warming golden light. Unfortunately, this slip-n-slide is no longer with us. It tussled with a wind storm and lost the fight, it will be missed...but only until we replace it.

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