Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pork Industry Providing Relief in Japan

Red Cross worker feeding a baby. Image from
Pork Industry Offers Helping Hand to Japan

article from National Hog Farmer

U.S. pork producers are partnering with the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) to provide pork to victims of the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck parts of northeastern Japan on March 11.

Estimates suggest that more than half-a-million Japanese are without food and shelter. Food shortages are expected to last into summer.

The National Pork Board has allocated $100,000 from the Pork Checkoff to provide pork products and to help distribute it to those in need in Japan, says Conley Nelson, an Iowa pork producer and member of the National Pork Board. USMEF, which represents the U.S. meat industry in Japan with offices in Tokyo, will work with U.S. pork packers and distributors in Japan to ensure that the food reaches those in need.

The goal is to provide food that requires little or no preparation, such as pre-made bento (lunch) boxes, to people who have been displaced.

“Our hearts go out to the Japanese people who have suffered from this terrible natural disaster,” says Nelson. Read full article HERE.

Japanese people waiting in line for water. Image from Elvira's Roundabout.

Say what you will about the pork industry (this is to all you naysayers out there) but you can't deny that when there is a need or crisis the pork industry is always there. During the holiday season the Pork Industry was Filling Bellies in Texas and now they are filling bellies in Japan. No matter your views of the pork industry, I for one am proud to be a part of it. Who knows, maybe some of the pork we're shipping out will go towards feeding some of the Japanese people that have been displaced by this horrible disaster. It's good to know that we are part of an industry that is about more than just the all-mighty dollar. The pork industry cares and they are always willing to help.

Image by AFP from Yahoo news.
If you would like to help Yahoo News has a great article listing different organizations you can donate to and each one has a link. You can read the article HERE

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