Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Final Days...

This old grill has been good to us. It's seen a lot of pork steaks, pork burgers, brats, veggies, and occasional hockey pucks because mom forgot there was meat still on the grill. It's seen it all. Thick and thin, steaks and chops, we've even grilled in the rain but this 'ole girl has never failed us. But her time with us grows short.

The coals still burn within her belly; the fire is always hot. Alas, her wires and underside have rusted through but by golly those coals are still burning.

The poo-boy ponders the doneness of the meat, the heat of the coals, and the whether or not he should put his stick in the fire again--he thinks mom's not looking.

Yes, that meat is about done.

The poo-boy learned a new trick--how wonderful.

"Look mom. It looks like I'm smoking a cigar. Yep, I'm smoking a cigar"

"Now poo-boy, you know smoking is bad for you and you shouldn't do it. Right?"

"Duh, mom. It's a stick, it's not for real."

"Okay, okay, sorry I mentioned it. Geez."

Just for that smart little comment I used the flash. The poo-boy hates the flash.

But he is always willing to strike a pose. Even in his jammy pants.

Wait, weren't we cooking food? Oh, right. The pork burgers are done.

Melty provolone makes every sandwich good. I just love melty provolone.

Go on, take a bite...Mmmm

Now, try the salad. It has poppy seed dressing, my favorite.

What's a meal without some wine? Well, normally my meals never come with wine but since poo-boy and I are dining alone (dad is working late at the pigs--pig troubles--and Miss Kylee is with grandma) I thought what the heck. I bought a new Riesling and just had to try it out.

Mmm...not bad.

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