Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BeBo Bouncers 4-H Club Tour a Farm

As most of you are aware my daughter is a member of a local 4-H club called the BeBo Bouncers. Soon the Pooboy will be a member as well but for now he just tags along behind big-sis. This past meeting we had a farm tour of Sydenstricker Genetics Angus farm.
 Here is Mr. Eggers introducing us to SydGen Trust 6228. Trust is a mammoth of a bull and seems as docile as a kitten--of course there were no other bulls around at the time, I'm sure that had something to do with it.

Upon meeting Trust, Waylon had two concerns:
First -- "Where's his horns, Mom? He is a bull right?"
Second -- "Is he gonna charge me? 'Cause you know bulls hate red and I'm wearing red. He's not gonna charge me is he?"
I assured him that he had nothing to worry about because some bulls just don't have horns and that not all bulls hate red. In fact, I told him, I think Trust actually likes the color red.

Our next stop took us to a muddy pasture full of romping yearlings frolicking in the puddles and slush that days of rain have created. Can you find my backside? Now find Poo-Boys backside. Here's a hint: Look for a lady in a fancy jean jacket hugging herself because she is cold and the word "DuPont." Yep, that's us.

Here's Miss Kylee front and center squinting against the sun and intently watching the yearlings. I'll bet money she is thinking how great it would be to jump in that mud with those cows......then try to ride one.

All in all, I think it was a good tour and the kids really enjoyed it. Of course, Pooboy couldn't leave without jumping off the ledge of the silage pit--which scared me half to death. He had to prove that he was just as big as the other kids jumping off the ledge but that's my Pooboy; he's always trying to prove something.

A big thank you to Sydensticker farms and to the BeBo Bouncers. If you'd like to learn more about 4-H or even join a club visit Missouri Extension office to find a club near you. 4-H is a great way to teach kids about agriculture, responsibility, respect, and community involvement.

McDonald's - Lunch
Photo credit goes to VirtualErn.
 On a slightly related note: We were squeezed for time so we stopped at McD for supper before the farm tour. I found it humorous that I was shoveling a quarter pound of Angus beef into my mouth while standing among the source. That's just my morbid sense of off-the-wall humor.......I see you, now I eat you. Forgive my weirdness. And I still like pork better but beef is good too.

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