Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lazy Days on the Farm

While my husband slaves away on the farm the kiddos and I have the pleasure of enjoying the nice days out in the open air. The tire swing is a favorite but just swinging on it isn't good enough for these two. 

They have to jump........

and fall.

Still too lame......

They have to find something higher to jump off. 
 Mina just watches the insanity and possible injury unfolding before her eyes.

After a day of jumping, falling, and only minor injuries curable via a bandage, another day begins.

Waylon discovered a new pastime.
If he shoots it, she will fetch it.

Even that gets old and the kids poop out....

And whine about being bored.
 There's no pleasing these two.

Then there is this.........

I know it's wrong and I apologize for my behavior. Forgive my weirdness.

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