Thursday, June 9, 2011

World Pork Expo 2011--The Expo

We may be home but the WPX11 is still happening at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. As much as we would have loved to stay longer, alas, our schedule would not allow it. However, here is a taste of what the Expo is all about.

Team Bacon Blogger (minus the team captain because I am behind the camera) enters the Expo complete with these great matching t-shirts I had designed and was dying for a reason to wear them.Oh, yeah.....we look gooooood!

Rows and rows of white tents and the scent of smokey goodness can only mean one thing.........FREE pork!

Naturally, we had to stop by the PorkCheckoff's tent to grab some more free stuff, much needed drinks, and enjoy some shade. Not to mention, we entered to win this fantastic little sign.

In case you wanted to purchase one of these (I'm thinking about it) you can get them from Metalcraft.

Here is a little side note.......Quiznos has a new sandwich that the PorkCheckoff was featuring. The Southern BBQ pulled pork sandwich looks really good. I'll let you all know just how good it is once I try one. Unfortunately, I haven't had the privilege yet.

 After a full day of walking and walking and walking and walking and.....well, you get the idea......poor Kylee just couldn't take it anymore. Finally, she collapsed in a complaint induced coma.....will she ever wake and walk again? After moments of whining about how her feet hurt and how she was sooooo tired she finally sucked it up and continued the journey........but made little whiny noises while we taunted her with a high pitched "weenie" (not to be confused with Weiner because he has enough problems). Repetative eye rolling was her only response to the taunting.

Now, I must finish editing the expo video......coming to a BaconCam near you. 


  1. Looks like a great trip to Expo! I want one of the pink Pork Be Inspired tags!

  2. @Jodi, aren't those great! I put one on my purse. I'll see if I can get my hands on some more.