Wednesday, June 8, 2011

World Pork Expo 2011--Iowa Machine Shed

Good times in Des Moines! I love this place for it's good food, good fun, and great people. Speaking of god food, last night--after the Social Media training session we enjoyed, hosted by the National Pork Board--we ate at our favorite restaurant in all of Iowa.......the Machine Shed.
Love the big pig and giant wooden ear of corn.

Pooboy standing in front of the wall of Deere. He looks so thrilled.
Inside of the Machine Shed is a huge selection of toys, cloths, crafts, lotions, cookbooks, kitchen goodies, and other farm related of my favorites is the "Dang" Root Beer and SWINE--a wine with the perfect balance between sweet and tart and goes good with pork...duh. Yum.
Love, love, love this sign: "Farming is Everyone's Bread and Butter" Amen to that!

A quick snap shot of the kiddos with a John Deere "B" before we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Then it was rise and shine for another fun filled day and of course we had to eat breakfast at the Machine Shed. Just look at these Pecan Pancakes. So good.

This was my choice for breakfast.....Cinnamon French Toast. They just take one of their HUGE Cinnamon rolls, cut it into four slices, tip it into the french toast batter and voila! the most delicious, mouth watering, amazing french toast I have ever eaten in my life.

After breakfast it was off to the World Pork Expo 2011.

Expo pics and video coming soon.....To be continued.

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