Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prop B & "Your Vote Counts" Campaign

Here we go again! Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS is at it again with another smear campaign to manipulate Missouri voters. As you'll recall, in 2010, HSUS and other animal rights groups like ASPCA spent more than $5 million on the Prop B campaign. However, the bulk of that funding came from outside Missouri. Similarly, HSUS has thus far spent nearly $165,000 on the "Your Vote Counts" campaign of which only $150 came from Missouri supporters. This is a classic case of "bought laws" and "bought legislature."

What does this mean to Missourians? It means that HSUS is buying Missouri legislature and in turn trying to buy you. I'm not for sale and I hope you aren't either. By giving in to these people you are not only helping aide in their efferts to irradicate animal agriculture and sport hunting but you are also allowing them the power to control your civil rights.

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Prop B in its original form was unconstiutional, unreasonable, and unrealistic--just like their new campaign. Prop B was never just thrown out! It was only amended to make it workable and realistic. However, Wayne Pacelle and HSUS supporters will have you think that your vote didn't matter and the law was thrown out, which is UNTRUE! Prop B stands, however, common sense was added by our Missouri elected officials.

The "Your Vote Counts" campaign is an attempt to make a constitutional amendment in Missouri to change the required vote to amend a law from 2/3 to 3/4. This means that out of 197 officials it would take only 9 to overturn any proposed amendments, which is a near impossible voting standard. This proposed amendment also gives groups like HSUS more power to buy laws and piece by piece chip away your constitutional rights in the name of their extremist ideas.

Please keep in mind that HSUS is a propaganda machine and only gives 1 percent of that $19 a month that they beg for with their simpathetic ads. Their millions do not go toward shelters, they line the pockets of people like Wayne Pacelle and buy radical laws. If you really want to support animals then support your local shelter NOT HSUS! Put that $19 a month toward the shelter in your county, give a few bags of dog food every month to the shelter in your town, or volunteer to help every month. HSUS is not about helping animals, they are about propaganda and animal rights, which is NOT the same as animal welfare. Farmers, breeders, veteranarians, and pet owners are the real animal welfare advocates NOT HSUS supporters.

Vote for common sense not extremists' propaganda. Please do NOT sign any patition relating to the "Your Vote Counts" campaign and if it makes it to the ballot please VOTE NO!

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