Monday, February 20, 2012

Your Vote Counts but do Rural Votes Count?

The "Your Vote Counts" campaign--backed by HSUS among others--is currently collecting signatures to place a constitutional amendment on the November 2012 ballot that would change the required vote to amend a law to 3/4 votes. This means that out of 197 legislators it would take only 9 to overturn a proposed amendment--a near impossible voting standard. This is another way that HSUS is swinging their pocket book around to buy laws for their own radical pursuits.

Back in 2010, Prop B was passed by a slim margin of 3.2 percent. After the law was passed it was amended to make it a workable law because in its original form it was unrealistic. Now, HSUS is trying yet again to manipulate Missouri voters and gain more control to buy laws and inevitably buy you and their tactics are very sneaky.

Their campaign slogan is "Respect the Will of the People." However, if we take a look at the map from the 2010 Prop B results it begs the question:

Did Missouri respect the will of the people or the will of the money?

Prop B failed in every county except the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City, where HSUS campaigned the heaviest and spent the most money. The amendment made the law workable and realistic, that is not what HSUS wanted. They wanted to shut down dog breeding in Missouri and attack animal agriculture next.

If you recall, the term "pet" was redefined in the original Prop B proposal to a vague description of pretty much any domesticated animal that lives close to the home. This is one thing that the Prop B amendment changed and for good reason. However, other changes were made to make it workable. The point is, Prop B was a "bought law" and since Missouri legislatures actual did listen to Missouri voters (look at the map!) it really ticked off HSUS.

Your vote does count and the amendment of Prop B proves that; however, Pacelle and his posse want their money to count more than your vote. If you want to keep your rights then don't fall victim to the HSUS trap. Don't sign any petition that supports the "Your Vote Counts" initiative!

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