Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Farm Fun

I'm sure I have mentioned this a time or two but I LOVE living on a farm. There are certain things you can do out here in the country that you just can't do in town.

 For example, most kids that live in town don't get a chance to hop on their go-cart and go crazy in the mud holes. This is hours upon hours of cheap fun and the kids have a blast. All you need is a cheap go-cart with enough rubber to hold air, a few gallons of gas, and away you go!
This is the face a farm kid having some serious fun. He has his own circle track that would make any Nascar driver jealous.

And who says only little boys can play in the mud? Here is a farm girl that knows how to have some good old fashioned farm fun. She's even in full pink John Deere garb. That a girl!

Have I mentioned I LOVE living on a farm?

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