Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Year of the PIG

Well folks, we've completed our first full week of the new year and now it is 2010 reflection time. The year 2010 was a heck of a year for Bacon Blogger HQ. For starters, The Bacon Blogger was born, which spawned the BaconCam channel on YouTube, my husband and I were privileged enough to participate in a social media training session at the National Pork Board's home office, we went to World Pork Expo, won the We Care video contest, and all this was shared with all of you, which is amazing unto itself. Here's what else happened in 2010 and what to expect in 2011...

Grilled Loin
Pulled Pork
 This past year I cooked some mighty yummy pork, among other things, and shared the recipes with you.

2011 Resolution: Cook more and blog about it. One segment I would like to start is the Pork of the Week, which would include a new pork recipe every week.
We added a new member to our family in 2010, Miss Mina. She is an absolute doll and a perfect match to our family. In fact, the 20th of January Miss Mina will celebrate her first birthday.

2011 Resolution: Find a soccer ball that she cannot pop. 

 We learned more about our family in 2010 and enjoyed a road trip on memorial day to seek out the final resting places of our ancestors. By the way, that is my daughter on the left! I can't believe how grown up she looks, my little girl isn't my little girl anymore...whimper, sniff, whimper...

2011 Resolution: Teach our children more about our family's heritage.Here is a picture that will make any mom cry, my baby's first day of school. That's right, my baby boy started school in 2010 and now I feel old and useless. It's terrible to admit but I enjoyed when my baby had the flu last week because he was so needy and cuddly. Is that wrong?

Little man also learned how to drive his first tractor in 2010. He's so big!

The year 2010 also brought the usual planting, harvesting, playing with pigs, and of course, I got a little silly at Halloween but that's what life is all about, isn't it. Working, playing, and getting a little silly every now and again.

2011 Resolution: I have a few educational projects I'd like to see get off the ground and I'd like to expand my blog even further. 2011 may be the year of the rabbit but here it is the year of the pig and you can bet you'll see a lot more of The Bacon Blogger.

No matter the weather or time of year, you can bet we'll make the best of it and always remember to stop and smell the wild flowers.
Life is too short, enjoy it!

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